Insurance Policy

I am a Licensed Psychologist in California. My license number is PSY22258. I am considered an
out-of-network provider. Services may be covered in part by your insurance or your employee
benefit plan or on a “case-by-case” basis with your insurance company. I do not participate on
any managed care panels. I will provide you with all the needed documents to submit for
reimbursement with your insurance company. Please check carefully with your insurance
company and ask your representative about your benefits and reimbursement policy.
Remember to ask about out-of-network provider benefits, deductible amounts that must be
met and if prior authorization is needed. Below are some of the reasons many choose to not
utilize benefits even when available.

Benefits of not using insurance for therapy
 Complete privacy – When insurance is utilized this provides the insurance
company, third party review companies, compliance auditors and other
interested parties certain rights to limited knowledge to your presence in
treatment and your diagnosis.
 No future ramifications for:
o Job clearance
o Life insurance
o Health insurance
o Security clearance
o Travel clearances
 Ability to manage your own treatment – Insurance companies may limit
number of visits, length of sessions, amount of reimbursement and only
cover certain diagnoses. Even though you believe you are being covered for
your mental health needs, should the insurance company determine that
your mental need did not fit their determination for length or type of
services rendered, you can still be billed due to lack of coverage.
 Most individuals opt to not utilize insurance due to the assuredness that if
no paperwork is submitted to insurance and no releases signed to any
outside agencies, there is no reason that records should be subpoenaed nor
that anyone should know about nor access your records, your
confidentiality is yours to hold. This is particularly important for those with
sensitive jobs or who simply do not want their job to be aware of their
choice to seek personal therapy.

Therapy is typically a private matter, sought out for personal betterment or
enhancement and is not a matter needed for public disclosure unless the
client should choose to do so. Therapy should never be used against a person
seeking help. Allowing your therapy to remain private and maintaining the
ability to determine fully who is aware that you have entered therapy can
fully be your decision if insurance is not involved in the process. Once
insurance becomes involved, your diagnosis is added to your health record.
When a company reviews your health records for reasons such as health
insurance, life insurance, gun control laws, or certain security clearance
your right to maintain your privacy fully is limited and your diagnosis may
be disclosed to the appropriate agency impacting you. These are a few of
the reasons that many professionals choose to receive mental health
services without the utilization of their insurance.